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The bathroom is your own piece of oasis in the home. That’s why many homeowners love to beautify it. One of the things that you can upgrade in your bathroom is your shower door.

At Camdenton Glass, we can replace old shower doors or repair existing ones. We can repair your glass enclosure frame, or install new tempered glass shower doors when needed. When it comes to your new shower doors, there’s more to consider than you think.

Aside from choosing a frameless, semi-frameless, or bypass enclosure, you also need to consider hardware upgrades, finishes, and more. With a wide range of options available, Camdenton Glass is your go-to company for everything you need for the shower enclosure of your dreams.

Our Shower Door Services

Camdenton Glass proudly offers the following shower door services.

Shower Door Repairs

When your shower door is leaking, call us immediately. From replacing your shower door hardware to readjusting your hinges, our shower repair services cover it all. 

Our shower repair involves a quick and easy process. Generally, we can finish the job on the same day we start the service. 

Some of the most common signs that your shower needs a repair include:

  • Leaking
  • Creaking
  • Loose Door

Shower Door Replacement

There are times when repairs aren’t enough. When your shower doors are older or not functioning properly, it may be time to replace them with the new shower doors of your dreams. When you work with Camdenton Glass for your shower door replacement, you can enjoy the easy operation and watertight seal that come from expertly installed shower doors.

Below are some of the common signs that your shower doors need replacement:

  • Metal Frame Rusting or Corroding
  • Door No Longer Closes
  • Cracked or Discolored Glass
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Mineral Deposits on Glass

Over time, your shower doors can become prone to these problems. Replacing them is the best solution, especially if the doors are old or were not installed correctly the first time.

For shower doors, you can rely on for years to come, look no further than Camdenton Glass.

Shower Door Installation

Camdenton Glass is your local custom glass expert for shower doors and tub enclosures. Glass is a stylish and durable way to update your bathroom. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional tub enclosure or a modern look of frameless shower doors, Camdenton Glass has a solution for you. Our award-winning shower doors and tub enclosures are second to none.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Upgrading your bathroom is easier than you think. Our glass specialists can custom design frameless shower doors for even the smallest bathroom. Decorating with glass and mirrors will give you the illusion of more space.

Our team understands that one size does not fit all, and will enlarge or reduce the size of your custom enclosure to match the dimensions of the room. Not only will your room bathroom be more exciting to look at, but custom glass and mirrors can also increase the value of your home.


Design Your Dream Shower Space

Building your dream bathroom space starts with a professional consultation. Camdenton Glass will assist you through the entire process from budgeting and design to installation and glass maintenance. 

We will take note of all the necessary measurements and dimensions, the materials used, and identify the layout of studs and load-bearing walls. Once the consultation is complete, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the costs involved and how long the renovations should take.


Determine if your walls are made of drywall or tile and where your supporting studs are located. This will determine the maximum weight of glass your bathroom’s walls can support.

Shower Heads

Choose a showerhead that will not spray water out of the enclosure when the water is one and the door is open.


Schedule an appointment with our team to avoid inaccurate measurements and delays in the installation process. Our glass technicians can give you the correct pricing for materials and installation.


Without proper ventilation, moisture will build-up, paint can peel, and mold may grow, especially on a sheetrock ceiling. Our glass technicians will perform a ventilation evaluation. If you are interested in improving the ventilation in your shower enclosures, we are the men for the job.

Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

Below are some of the benefits of glass shower enclosures.

Low Maintenance

An important benefit of choosing glass shower enclosures over other materials is that they require very little maintenance. They are durable and very easy to clean. 

Chances of a build-up by mold or mildew are rare. It is recommended to put a protective coating on the glass at the time of installation because it will reduce water and soap scum spots. 

Make the Bathroom Look Spacious

If you have a small bathroom, a glass enclosure is what you need to make the space look bigger and more spacious. It will make your bathroom appear significantly bigger than it actually is. Furthermore, it will allow better airflow compared to a metal frame shower stall or a traditional curtain.


Glass shower enclosures are a safer option than leaky shower curtains which create a slip and fall hazard, especially for children and elderly people of the house. 

They significantly reduce bathroom accidents, since there will be less water on the floor and less clean-up required after you shower. Our glass is made from tempered and heat-soaked glass which is highly impact-resistant due to its considerable strength.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you have a plan of selling your property in the future, replacing the old and worn-out bathroom enclosure with an elegant glass enclosure will enhance its value. Even if you do not plan to move, upgrading it with a beautiful glass enclosure will make the space look more pleasant.

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